So you want a website

To make a successful website you need careful planning and thought. Deciding what you want from a site before getting a website built will also save time, money and reduce problems in the longer term. It is always best to start the design process with a clear idea of the purpose of the website. Try to provide the designer with some samples of similar sites and designs that you like.

Please note that many web designers will not accept a job unless the content has be created and site has been properly thought through.

Course Description

The "So you Want a Website" course is for those who want to commission a website or recently qualified web developers /designers. The course covers the main information that a web developer needs to make a website that meets the clients needs. This will reduce the stress and cost of getting a website developed and enable the developer to make a better website quicker.

The course covers basic questions about the client and their requirements for the website along with a brief discussion of the types of site available and technologies they use.

This course doesn't cover designing or building the website just the process of requesting one to be built. No experience of creating websites is required only a general understanding of using the worldwide web. This course doesn't require any computer use.