Install Babun

Submitted by Andy on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 19:22

The Babun project is now discontinued.

Babun is a Microsoft Windows shell bashed on Cygwin. Cygwin is a Unix-like environment and command-line interface for Windows. The Babun installer installs an configures Cygwin with some sensible defaults making the installation much easier and more reliable.

Before installing Babun you need to have a basic knowledge the Windows command prompt and Unix-like command line.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before starting any install you should make sure that Windows and your virus protection is up to date. These updates normally occur automatically.

Babun uses Cygwin so requires at least 1GB of drive space. I would recommend at least 2GB of drive space. It should run on any PC using an Intel or AMD processor less than 10 years old.

Download the Babun release from the "Download now" button on the website.

Download link from Babun website.

Current released version of Babun is 1.20

Step 2 - Extract the Installer

After the zip file has finished downloading. Open the folder it was downloaded to. You will see the a file called

Right click the zip file to show the context menu. From the menu and left click "Extract All" and wait for the file to be extracted. You will now have a folder called babun-1.2.0-dist that contains another folder called babun-1.2.0.

Extracting Babun

The installer is a batch file in the babun-1.2.0 folder called install.bat. To install Babun we will need to use the Windows Command prompt.

Step 3 - Open the Command Prompt

Click the Windows search box (or press the Windows Key)

Type "cmd"

Search for Command Prompt

Click on the Command Prompt (or press Enter). You will now have the Windows Command Prompt open. It defaults to open in your home folder.

Step 4 - Install Babun

Using the Command Prompt navigate to the folder that contains the install.bat file. For example if you downloaded Babun to your Downloads folder.

cd Downloads\babun-1.2.0-dist\babun-1.2.0

To start the installer type:


You will now see lines of text scrolling in the command prompt. After a few minutes the scrolling will stop and you will see:

[babun] Adding babun to the system PATH variable
[babun] Creating a desktop link
[babun] Babun installed successfully. You can delete the installer now.
[babun] Enjoy @tombujok
[babun] Starting babun
[babun] Starting babun

The new Babun will automatically open. The installer adds a link to Babun to the Desktop.

Step 5 - Add Babun to Start Menu (Optional)

To make using Babun easier to start we can pin it to the start menu or task bar.

The easiest way achieve this is to find the Babun shortcut on your Desktop. Right click on the shortcut and then left click on Pin to Start.

Babun Pin to Start

To pin Babun to the task bar just click Pin to taskbar instead.