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I am not currently offering any services directly for organisations on a self employed or short term contract basis. The selection and availability of services may change in future. I would be happy to consider good permanent part-time work or if there is consistently enough interest in my services I may consider self employment.

Web development

I'm a skilled we developer with a wide range of experience and able to build websites to your specification and designs. I have built site from simple HTML5, CSS and JavaScript based websites to complex sites using Drupal, WordPress or a number of other less well known CMS and e-commerce systems.

I currently work a Blue-Bag Ltd building a maintaining Drupal websites. All requests for Drupal websites should go through them.


I’m happy to provide standard courses, bespoke courses or ad-hoc tuition. For more details of my courses please look at my Training section.

Consultancy and support

I can provide on-site support and basic system installation and repairs.

For larger projects I can use my project coordination experience to assist in the management of IT projects and implementation from initial requirements to final commissioning.

Bespoke software

With my years of commercial software development experience I can help create bespoke software solutions in a variety of programming langauges. The bespoke software solutions range from Microsoft Office macros to custom-made applications.

Installing XAMPP on Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04

Submitted by Andy on Mon, 07/09/2012 - 08:49

This tutorial has been written to help you install XAMPP on 32bit Ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04 Linux. First let me answer the question why install XAMPP rather than installing Apache, MYSQL and PHP from the Ubuntu repository. XAMPP gives you everything to run a test web server in a single portable package theoretically making it easy to copy the configuration between machines. XAMPP also gives you an easy way to only start the web server when required.

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